Three months in a Shepherd’s Hut

I spent May – July 2016 living in a Shepherd’s Hut. I loved living in a small space, with minimal things, and opening the doors onto the chickens, sheep and alpacas each morning. So much so, that I am even considering moving into a studio apartment img_0177permanently! I liked living with minimal possessions, and spending less time cleaning and tidying! If you have less space, you have to have less stuff – and you just keep what you really need and love.

The kitchen was a challenge – one of those where  you are forever lifting things up and trying to find a space in order to put something down. I did this picture was part of a Sketchbook Skool class from Beginnings. The tutor was Tommy Kane, who draws incredibly detailed pictures which take hours and uses lots and lots of cross hatching. I am not a big fan of cross hatching (not really patient enough) but I experimented with it here and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

One of the best things about living here was having live animals available to draw at all times. And sometimes they would just come and ask to be drawn – the alpacas would just sit outside my door in the evening, and still be there in the morning, looking at me curiously. It was fun to get out of bed and just paint straight away – you have to seize the moment before they decide to head off somewhere else! I found the sheep totally impossible to draw – perhaps because of their whiteness, or my lack of enthusiasm for the creature – all my attempts look dull, clunky and lack life.




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